The doors are now open to Butängen!

There is a lot going on in Norrköping at the moment. And it will continue to do so over the years to come. The rapid growth of the city is visible in the increased population and in the amount of companies choosing to establish their businesses here.

The high-speed rail link Ostlänken means, not only that Norrköping will be a big part of one of Sweden’s greatest construction projects ever, but also that Norrköping is developing at a substantial expansion rate.

Butängen, one of Norrköping’s hidden rooms, is characterized by small scale industries today.  Soon all this will be transformed into a vivid urban district with modern housing and commercial businesses. It will be an attractive, modern and sustainable area with a fantastic location next to the new travel centre, Motala ström, The Inner harbour and the central parts of town.

If you would like to be part of exploring the potential surrounding Norrköping’s next big urban transformation project – please let us know!  We will arrange for you to come here and explore it with your own eyes.

About Norra Staden real estate development

Norra Staden real estate development is owned by Norrköping’s municipality. Our mission is to contribute to a sustainable and effective transformation of Butängen. We aim to create an attractive and modern urban district with housing, workplaces,  services and experiences just next to Norrköping’s future travel centre.

Kartvy i 3D som visar den stora stadsomvandlingen. Södra Butängen markeras.